Montessori & Friends Education


Children want to grow and learn.

Pedagogical professionals want to accompany them effectively and develop themselves in the process.

We create places and environments in which both succeed. Consistently and contemporary according to Maria Montessori’s pedagogy.

We are one of the leading Montessori education providers in Berlin and the surrounding area. Through the proven success of our facilities for children from 1 year old up to school-leaving age, we contribute to the wider spread of Montessori education and to more children and professionals being able to benefit from it.

Or in short:

We create excellent Montessori places for Berlin and the surrounding area where children can grow.


We design places of learning and living according to the pedagogy of Maria Montessori for children from 1 year.

“Montessori” is not only written on our door signs. Montessori education can be felt in our houses every day: in the attitude and professionalism of our educational staff, in the prepared environment equipped according to international quality standards and in the well-being and development of the children.

We promote a consistent and up-to-date application of our pedagogical concept. This is achieved through continuous training of our staff and regular exchange within the team on current pedagogical topics and findings.

Many of our facilities work bilingually German-English: we promote understanding of global cultures and the diversity of traditions, rites and festivals. Children speak, listen and learn the world language English alongside German in the daily language bath.

We work continuously to evaluate and develop the quality of our work. We invest in staffing ratios, further training and relieving the workload of the pedagogical staff. In this way, we promote the effectiveness of the pedagogical work and thus also the satisfaction and stability of our teams. Proven successes enable us to expand our services for more families and until they finish school.




We observe children and adults closely, perceive the needs of our counterparts and derive our offers from this. In doing so, we see ourselves as learners.


We stand up for children with courage and strength. When things get difficult, we dare to find solutions and find ways to succeed.

in partnership

With children and parents, in the team and with our other partners, we work transparently at eye level transparently at eye level for mutual success.


We communicate in a binding manner. We do what we say. We are reliable, even when the going gets tough.


We take our task seriously and assume responsibility for success.


MONTESSORI & FRIENDS EDUCATION gGmbH has been operating children’s centres as an independent, socially active provider since 2011. Today there are 7 predominantly bilingual senate-funded centres.

In 2008, the International Montessori School (IMS) was founded in Wilmersdorf, which moved to the Landhaus Oppenheim on Wannsee in 2013.

MONTESSORI PFLEGEDIENST GmbH manages residential communities for senior citizens in need of care.

As a pioneer in Germany, we have successfully transferred the basic principles of the Montessori method to working with senior citizens suffering from dementia.

Our own MONTESSORI ACADEMY offers training and further education for teachers, carers and interested parents and relatives of senior citizens.

In all our facilities, we are particularly keen to facilitate holistic learning and living using the method developed by the Italian doctor and reform pedagogue Maria Montessori – incorporating the latest findings from developmental psychology, modern educational science and brain research.

The decisive factor for us is our attitude towards people young and old – characterised by respect and attentiveness.