Kita in Berlin – Kinderhaus Steglitz

Wir sind ein Montessori Kinderhaus

We are a Montessori children’s centreThe Montessori Kinderhaus Steglitz is centrally located in the Steglitz district, within walking distance of the ‘Das Schloss’ shopping centre (Rathaus Steglitz underground station) and the Steglitz city park.The centre currently looks after around 30 children aged between one and six.The opening hours are Mon-Thu 7.30 am to 5 pm – Fri 7.30 am to 3 pm.Our staff are Montessori teachers with recognised diplomas or are currently in training.The warm lunch is delivered by an organic catering company. Parents bring breakfast from home. Drinks, fruit and snacks are available for the children at the children’s centre. 


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More Information

If you are interested in a place for your child at one of our Children’s houses, please register by filling out the application form

If we are able to offer your child a place, the management of your chosen Children’s House will contact you directly to arrange an appointment for an introductory meeting.

Montessori & Friends Education gGmbH

Albrechtstr. 12
712165 Berlin
Telephone (Mon-Fri 10am-12pm): 030 – 233 26 40 – 32/33
Fax: 030 – 233 26 40 – 99

Our crèche

Our premises

The crèche is run according to the approach of the Hungarian pedagogue Emmi Pikler. One of our nursery teachers has completed both Montessori training and further training at the Berlin Pikler Institute.Our crèche room is a prepared play room for children from the age of one. Here, the little ones can learn to crawl and walk according to their own developmental rhythm and on their own initiative. They are individually supported and encouraged with special materials. 

Our daily routine

The children have breakfast together at around 9am. After breakfast, the children have time to play freely and be inspired by the early musical education programme.

From 10.30 to 11.30 a.m. we spend time with the little ones in our garden where possible. Here they have the opportunity to explore their environment and nature.From 11.30 a.m. we eat lunch together in the group room.The children can rest or sleep in a separate room at any time, according to their needs.In the afternoon, we offer a snack and drinks are served throughout the day.

Elementary area

Our premises

Our large, light-flooded rooms are specially designed to meet the needs, size and strength of the children.The children have their playground in the garden. Here they can exercise in the fresh air at any time of year or look after their own plants.Here, each child can pursue their interests individually or in groups and choose from a variety of play and work materials.We have plenty of space to be active.

There is also space for those who need some peace and quiet: your child can relax wonderfully in the cosy corner or book corner.

Our daily routine

The morning routine is characterised by free work. Before lunch, we come together in a circle and discuss what is currently on the children’s minds. We read books, make music and have fun together.

After lunch, the little ones can rest or take a nap.

In the early afternoon, we go out into the fresh air, into the garden or visit the nearby playgrounds in the neighbourhood. We round off the day at the nursery with refreshments and a game.

Once a week we go to sports and the ‘water rats’ among our children can visit the neighbouring swimming school.On Fridays, our kindergarten children usually go on a larger excursion: we go to the theatre or to the forest or we visit each other at home.